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Christmas Cookie Recipes Grouped by Category

Christmas cookies are a must for celebrating the holidays, right? Whether you're making them for Santa, for your kids, for a party, or just for sitting by the fireplace with a good cup of hot cocoa, there's always a great reason to whip up a batch of homemade cookies. We have a TON of Christmas cookie recipes - over 550! From the simple to the extravagant and everything in between, we have it right here.

Christmas Cookie Recipes

Too many Christmas cookie recipes to choose from?

  • Start out with our very best sugar cookies for decorating, our simplest drop cookies for something easy, or our favorite no-bake cookies for when the oven is busy.
  • Peruse our Christmas cookie recipes from around the world. Since 1996 we have been gathering recipes from over 46 countries and regions around the globe.
  • View our list of the highest-rated cookies over two decades! Since 2000 we've been collecting actual user reviews of people who have made the recipes. Here are the top 25 of the tried and true.
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  • Peruse the various categories that interest you in our list of all 550+ recipes on the same page.
  • Early in our 25-year history we branched out to beverages, cakes, breads and pies.
  • Most of the recipes are just that...recipes! We don't tell you what we had for breakfast that day or what the weather was like. But if you like that kind of stuff we also have an infrequent blog category.

And it goes without saying...cookies are NOT just for Christmas! Every single cookie in this list can be made all throughout the year or adapted to other holidays.

Conversely, any of the more everyday-looking recipes can always be dressed up with icing, sprinkles, candies, and/or food coloring. Be creative, and have fun!

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Breads and Rolls




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Cookie Iron / Waffle Cookies

Cookie Press Cookies

Cutout Cookies



Drop Cookies

Easter Cookies

Filled Cookies

Fried Cookies

Gifts in a Jar

Grandma Evelyn's Recipes

Halloween Cookies & Treats

Hand-Shaped Cookies


Icings, Frostings, and Glazes

Keto Christmas Cookies

Low Carb Cookies

Molded Cookies


No-Bake Cookies

Ornamental Cookies

Other Holidays

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