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Use the form below to send your original recipes (or adaptations) and photos. You’ll get full credit and a link back to your website or favorite charity. Use the Notes/Credits field to give us the link information. Please avoid duplicate content (see note below **). Thank you for your contribution!

Recipes must be well-written and very clear, with exact indications of quantities. (See note below ***)

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    Duplicate Content
    If you are a website owner, you will know that posting copies of the exact same content in multiple places will negatively affect your own search engine rankings. If you are submitting a recipe you’ve posted elsewhere, the wording of the recipe should be appreciably different, and consider renaming the recipe. However, a link from our site with original content will be a quality link and we do not require any link back in return.

    Recipe Rules
    *** Christmas-Cookies.com reserves the right to reject any submissions, based on:

    • Recipe Duplication: this website already has a very similar recipe, or we have found an identically-worded recipe elsewhere.
    • Clarity of recipe: recipe instructions must be quite clear. We reserve the right to edit recipes containing spelling and grammatical errors.
    • Clarity of ingredients: submissions with unclear quantities such as “1 can of evaporated milk” will be rejected. Evaporated milk comes in different size cans AND this varies between countries. Young or inexperienced bakers may have no idea that there’s a “usual” size. You must provide the exact volume of your can/bottle/package/box, such as “1 (7-ounce) can of evaporated milk”.
    • Quality of photo: photos should be taken with good lighting, should be clear, the recipe must fill up the entire frame, contain no people, and should be a minimum 1200px wide.