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Top 25 Christmas Cookie Recipes

Top 25 Christmas Cookie Recipes

Since the update of this site in March 2021, the “Top 25” is no longer being calculated. But Christmas-Cookies.com has more than 20 years of data from the old website, ranking the very best recipes of over 500 Christmas cookie recipes since the reviews were added in 1999.

Some of the entries are surprising, but it’s all in the math. The old site let people assign a star rating without leaving a review, so if reading the current reviews it doesn’t seem to add up, it’s because star ratings without reviews are figured into the calculations for this list. Also, some cookies had hundreds of reviews, and I only coped the first dozen or so to the new site…you won’t see the hundreds here, but they were figured into this list.

Here they are, from the top.

1. Laura Bush's Cowboy Cookies
1. Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies
2. Seven-Layer Magic Bars
2. Seven-Layer Magic Bars
3. Potato Candy
3. Potato Candy
4. Knock You Naked Brownies
4. Knock You Naked Brownies
5. Aunt Jackie's Pecan Tarts
5. Aunt Jackie’s Pecan Tarts
6. Rosettes
6. Rosettes
7. Cream Wafers
7. Cream Wafers
The Original Nanaimo Bar
8. The Original Nanaimo Bar
Pumpkin Roll
9. Pumpkin Roll
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies
10. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies
Thumbprint Cookies
11. Thumbprint Cookies
Minnesota Munchers
12. Minnesota Munchers
Easy Dog Biscuits
13. Easy Dog Biscuits
Muddy Buddies Puppy Chow
14. Muddy Buddies
Double Chocolate Fudge
15. Double Chocolate Fudge
Scotch Shortbread
16. Scotch Shortbread
Spice Sugar Cookies
17. Spice Sugar Cookies
Blockbuster Brownies
18. Blockbuster Brownies
BonBon Cookies
19. BonBon Cookies
 Nutmeg Logs
20. Nutmeg Logs
21. Chocolate Chip Brickle Bars
 Italian Love Knots
22. Italian Love Knots
Top 25 Christmas Cookie Recipes
23. Judy’s Nut Ball Cookies
Melting Moments Cookies
24. Melting Moments
25. Caramel Candy Bars