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Italy has a rich culinary history, and cookies are no exception.  Italian cuisine is often focused on region or city where a particular dish is popular. Our Italian Christmas cookie recipes come from all over Italy.  Some, like the Ricotta Cheese Cookies, are ridiculously easy. Other Italian cookies like Pizzelles require special equipment but yield spectactular results. Lots of holiday biscotti, too!

Italian Tea Cakes
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3.8/5 (5)

Italian Tea Cakes

An Italian bar cookie featuring meringue and whole lemons chopped fine.

Cakes, Easter Cookies
Lemon Polenta Cake
4.5 rating based on 12,345 ratings
4.5/5 (2)

Lemon Polenta Cake

A rich cake with lots of lemon flavor. The polenta is a common Italian ingredient and it adds texture and body.

Drop Cookies
Ricotta Cheese Cookies
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4.7/5 (11)

Ricotta Cheese Cookies

Moist and airy; it’s quick, easy, delicious, and pretty. You can’t go wrong!