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Kifliki (Roczki)

Kifliki (Roczki)

Kifliki (Roczki)

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Kifliki (Roczki)
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Course: Filled Cookies, Rolled CookiesCuisine: Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, UkranianDifficulty: Medium

Rolled-up cookies of Eastern European origins (I have variously seen them labeled as Kolaky, Kolachki, Roczki, and other names and various spellings, attributed to Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and Czech and Slovak cuisine) with cream cheese dough and sweet nut filling. In Russian, they are Кифлики and often bent into a crescent shape once rolled into a tube (not pictured), and often served dusted with powdered sugar. Very similar to Polish Kołaczki and Hungarian Kolaches, but they are rolled into a log instead of folded over. According to this website, they are originally Ukrainian and eventually shared with (and adapted by) the countries bordering that country. Most Ukrainian recipes use blackcurrant preserves.


  • For the dough
  • 1/2 pound cream cheese (at room temperature)

  • 1/2 pound butter (at room temperature)

  • 3 cups all-purpose flour

  • For the nut filling
  • 1 pound finely ground walnuts

  • 1 large egg

  • 1 cup granulated sugar

  • water

  • Or use a jam filling
  • blackcurrant preserves


  • Make the dough
  • Mix butter and cream cheese until smooth. Add flour, and mix again until smooth. Making this dough is easy with a food processor, hard with a mixer. Roll dough into 3 balls. Refrigerate dough to keep it from drying out. The dough can be refrigerated for 1-2 hours, but it is not necessary. Preheat oven to 375F and line baking sheets with parchment paper. Roll out 1 ball at a time and flour lightly. Roll dough out very thin in flour or granulated sugar so it doesn’t stick. Cut dough into 3″ squares.
  • Make the nut filling
  • If you are using the nut filling, mix together the walnuts, egg, and sugar, and adding just enough water to obtain a sticky consistency.
  • Assemble and bake
  • Add about a teaspoon of filling (either of the above nut filling, or of blackcurrant preserves) to each piece of cut dough. Roll squares into logs. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until lightly browned.


  • Also see our Polish Kołaczki and Hungarian Kifli recipes. These are all nearly identical, and cookies like this very with similar names can be found all over Central and Eastern Europe and places where central and eastern Europeans emigrated to.

    There is also the Ukranian Kolach, a sweet bread, and the Czech and Slovak Kolach which is a flat round pastry with a fruit filling. It’s all very confusing and wonderful!
  • Reviewers, please help us out and note the yield!


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I made these for a Ukrainian culture lecture and everyone loved them. There were many comments that they were not too sweet, and people liked that. I made them as written and thought they needed a dusting of powdered sugar. One note is that they are better rolled thin. My first batch was not rolled thin enough and tasted doughy. Don't use strawberry jam for the filling! I tried this and it ended up sticky and hard as a filling.
- Vicky in SC

You can also make the recipe with an apricot filling. Just buy a jar of apricot filling at a grocery store and put a teaspoon in the middle of the square before you fold it. I think the apricot filling is better, it makes the cookies sweeter.
- A Baker

I love these cookies ...LOVE them ...and so do all my friends, now! I had been looking for this recipe for 6 years ...since I lost it in a move …I was given the original by a friend from Poland,and she is now gone to the big bakery in the sky so I thought I would never be able to make these again ..THANK YOU , THANK YOU
- Donna in Tucson , Az

I made this cookies for my Russian class. Everybody loved them. I will keep making them because they are a success.Thank you for helping me find them again because I lost it when I moved out of state. Well, just saying thanks.
- Natosha Campbell in Lafayette, Indiana

Yeahhh!! I made these to suprise my mom, and boy was she suprised!! Especially since I didn't have to call her for the recipe!! We always made them when I was little, they are the one cookie that completely reminds me of Christmas!!
- A Baker

A great recipe. Not much of a baker but had great success in this, although did have a litle trouble mixing it all together with a mixer next time will use a food proceser. I also added my own little bit to it (not to take anything away) but I rolled it all out and spread a little of filling along the way while rolling, then added a little cinnamin sugar on top of it before baking. Thanks for letting me add my 2 cents worth.
- Tim in Cleveland, OH

These are wonderful cookies, easy to make and quite tasty. I shared them at work and everyone wanted the recipe.
- pat in dayton ohio

I made the dough exactly as directed and refrigerated it over night. I found the dough incredibly soft and very difficult to work with. The dough has a very nice taste and I would use it again if I could firm it up a bit. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well as other things the dough may be used for!! Thank you
- A Baker

I am Polish and this recipie makes me think of my heritage!
- Stacey Ross in Brooklyn Heights 

The cookies were very tasty. I didn't know how many walnuts were one pound so I just used three cups, which gave me exactly enough filling. My son is learning about Russia in school so he's taking them to class.
- Cookies are not only easy to make/bake/take, they are absolutley delicious! Enjoy!!!

Great recipe! Great cookies! The only thing I do different is that I use powdered sugar when rolling out the dough (instead of flour).
- Kim in Riverside, Maryland

I have been looking for this recipe for year's and finally i found the right one. The cookies are great
- lisa in addison, pennsylvania

I found this recipe within minutes of my search. My Nana used to make these with my mom and I every year. This recipe is almost an exact replica of her's. Thank you so much for giving me a piece of my own history.
- Heather Taylor in El Paso, Texas

I like it I am doing a report on Russia and I think this is really good!
- A Baker
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