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Awesome Cookie Packaging Ideas for Holiday Cookies and Biscuits

Guest poster Rachael Book offers some creative solutions for packaging up your baked gifts!

Awesome Cookie Packaging Ideas for Holiday Cookies and Biscuits

Who doesn’t love to receive cookies? Whether they’re sugar- or dairy- and gluten-free, cookies make great Christmas presents. Instead of dumping them into an unattractive (albeit very practical) plastic container, try these cookie packaging ideas for a complete Christmas gift that gives your baking skills justice!

Chinese Takeout Boxes

The distinct shape, handle and size of Chinese takeout boxes make them ideal holiday cookie containers. Available at Asian food merchants, paper supply stores and large grocery stores, Chinese takeout boxes can be made more Christmas-y when you wrap them with Christmas wrapper (any kind will do), tie some ribbon (green and red), or even just drawing red stripes on them with a marker to make them look like candy canes. Don’t forget to write “Special Delivery”!

Bread Pans

Inspired by Marthastewart.com , bread pans are a rustic yet beautiful way to package holiday cookies and biscuits. This type of packaging is perfect for delicate cookies, as they can hold their shape (as long as they are not dropped or jostled during transport). Line them with tissue and wrap with gorgeous crimson ribbon to add a festive touch. Make it more child-friendly by sticking a few Santa Claus stickers or snowmen on the outside and urging the kids to keep it as a container for pens or keys.

Vintage Cookie Jars

Beautiful, meaningful and sometimes quirky, vintage cookie jars make a homemade cookie much more special. Just be sure to clean them carefully before putting anything in. We love the old ceramic cookie jars with Christmas themes like Santa or Mrs. Claus, but any cookie jar will do. This will also be a great addition to a home during the holidays and even year round!

Jam Jars

Clear jam jars are a fun and attractive way to package small cookies, especially ones made with preserves or jellies. They show off colorful cookies well, and don’t even need lids, just tie on a bit of colorful tissue paper over the opening of the jar with twine and you’re done!

Coffee Mugs

Complete your recipients’ cookie experience when you give them their treats in a large mug. This way, all they need is milk and they can set out a bunch for Santa, or start eating the batch on their own! A plain mug can be used and personalized with craft glue or just lined with craft paper or tissue in red or green. Mark them with the receiver’s name for a fun, personalized gift. A bit of patience, a dash of creativity, and a lot of love will make your holiday biscuits a Christmas favorite. Try these cookie packaging ideas to wow your family and friends with your inner Martha Stewart!

About the Author:

Rachel Book is a part time researcher and analyst for an online retailer of live Christmas trees. For Christmas this year, she is giving out homemade vegan carob fudge cookies in vintage cookie jars to family and friends.


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