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Norway has a rich tradition of Christmas and holiday cookies and baked goods. In fact, it is traditional to serve “the 7 Christmas cookies” at Christmas, although which 7 make this list can vary between families. Some of the recipes in this list are a part of a Norwegian-American tradition whose Norwegian roots are disputed in Norway. The very popular Kringla is one. I have loads of anecdotal references to this recipe being handed down by a “Norwegian great grandmother” but discussing that recipe with a Norwegian cultural historian and several Norwegian foodies, it appears the Kringla cookie is mostly unknown in Norway, or if it’s known at all, they consider it an American cookie. This is not to say that the cookies are NOT of Norwegian origin, but perhaps that they only became traditional among families once they crossed the pond. If I am aware that this is the case for any of the recipes below, the recipe notes will state that.

Fried Cookies
Fattigmann (Klenät)
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Fattigmann (Klenät)

Known under many names worldwide, this cookie is rolled out and fried in oil, then dusted with powdered sugar.

Hand-Shaped Cookies
Eggnog Kringla
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Eggnog Kringla

A Scandinavian cookie shaped like a pretzel before baking. This is updated with eggnog spices.