Edible Cookie Ornaments

This fun, kid-friendly activity uses either store-bought or homemade cookies and candies to create festive and yummy cookies!

1/4 cup vanilla frosting
9 ring-shaped butter flavored cookies or any ring-shaped cookies
1 roll (9 count) ring-shaped fruit flavored Life Savers
1 1/2 to 2 yards red string licorice or ribbon

Place frosting in small bowl. Add desired food color; blend well. Place colored frosting in decorating bag fitted with small writing or decorator tip, or in small resealable plastic freezer bag with 1 corner snipped off to make a very small hole for piping.

Place 1 cookie on flat surface; lightly outline center hole with frosting. Place 1 ring-shaped candy over frosting, pressing lightly and matching center openings. Pipe frosting decoratively on cookie. Repeat with remaining cookies; let dry. Insert licorice through hole in each cookie; tie in knot or bow. Hang ornaments on tree or use to decorate packages or gift baskets.

Servings: 9
Servings: 9

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