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Reviews of Cherry Nut Balls

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  Kimberly  Dec 11, 2010
Would not make this again.
The flavor was not bad, but the texture was wrong. One of my kids liked it, the other 2 thought the same as I, not all that good. I made it and will sever it this holiday, but I am pitching this recipe. Not going to make it again. 1 star

  A cookie baker  Dec 6, 2010
Would make this again.
These tasted way too buttery for me. 5 stars

  Laura in South Carolina  Nov 4, 2009
Would make this again.
I WILL make these again
I've made these for years. This was a good version, but the one variation I use includes instant oatmeal packets and I cut the sugar in half. My kids love them and the students at my school hound me for them. A holiday tradition.
4 stars

  donna noble  Dec 1, 2008
Would make this again.
A very old recipe ! Very Good too.
Was always part of Christmas, except that a whole cherry was put in the middle, and it was called a Cherry Surprise !
5 stars

  george in texas  Nov 29, 2008
Would not make this again.
they were not to good..i would not make them again. they made my stomach hurt a little bit actually. 1 star

  Sherry Skill in Philadelphia,Pa.  Nov 15, 2008
Would make this again.
Would make this again, and again.
My family liked them and the girls at worked loved them and asked for the recipe. Very easy to make, and this year will teach the grand kids how to make them.
5 stars

   Oct 27, 2008
Would not make this again.
All I have to say is one word about this cookie(????) is GROSS. Even my dog didn`t like them , and he eats anything. 1 star

  Andrea in Idaho  Dec 10, 2007
Would not make this again.
These cookies are GROSS!! They are just butter balls with raw oatmeal and a few pieces of cherries. Unfortunately, I have nothing good to say about them at all. 1 star

  Andrea  Dec 9, 2007
Would not make this again.
Definitely would not make this again. If you like solid balls of raw butter than this is your cookie. I cant say anything good about this cookie (it should not even be referred to this way). It doesnt look pretty, the taste is not good and you basically have to serve them cold, who likes cold cookies? Perhaps these ingriedients have potential as a cookie that goes into the oven. 1 star

  Mandy D in Magee, Mississippi  Dec 4, 2007
Would make this again.
I love these balls! Every time I make them my girls eat them up like they're going out of style. 5 stars

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