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Reviews of Snowball Cookies

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  A cookie baker  Nov 26, 2011
Would make this again.
0MG!!! super duper easy and k!ds helped also!!!!!! lovely chr!stmas d!sh and not to ment!on yummy!!!!!!!
the hol!dayz=cook!ng 4 dayz!!!<3;P
LOL xD! love my fam!ly and fr!ends, they always help around the hol!dayz. So0oo great. Well, Fantasct!c d!sh!! just make sure not to burn them!!! LOL;P i learned the hard way !f you know what i mean! LOL;P snowball cook!es= AMAZING!!!! use th!s rec!pe, the best one out there. th!s d!sh !s great for fam!ly get togethers !f you are on a t!ght budget but st!ll want to !mpress your know !t all sister!!!! LOL;P i kid i kid!! but serously,th!s rec!pe= BOSS. LOL!!xD ******** !mportant t!p: USE WALNUTS !NSTEAD OF PECANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pecans=not appeal!ing !n th!s d!sh. WALNUTS=del!couse !n th!s d!sh.

5 stars

  A cookie baker  Nov 24, 2011
Would make this again.
melinda try baking the cookies for 20 min @ 350 they will come out perfect if u let them stand after powdering them for 10 min 5 stars

  A cookie baker  Jun 25, 2011
Would make this again.
This is the best cookies ever I always use walnuts instead of pecans. I make this every Christmas. There soooooooo good.I LOVE them. 5 stars

  chanel  Jun 1, 2011
Would make this again.
I always make these with macadamia nuts, i love this recipe! 5 stars

  A cookie baker  May 13, 2011
Would not make this again.
after 10 min. I took it out but cookies were not cooked in the middle. Very disappointed 1 star

  Melinda  Jan 1, 2011
Would make this again.
I made these as part of my holiday cookies platters. Everyone loved them!! The recipe does not make as much as it says they do. Although, they are still really good. I will be making them again next year!! 5 stars

  A cookie baker  Dec 25, 2010
Would make this again.
very can help :) 5 stars

  great-gramma in California  Dec 24, 2010
Would make this again.
I have made these for years and I just gave the recipe to my granddaughter. 5 stars

  kylah  Dec 24, 2010
Would make this again.
These cookies were very good, I used chocolate chips instead of nuts and everyone loved them! 5 stars

   Dec 22, 2010
Would make this again.
LOVE IT!!! 5 stars

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