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Reviews of Rolo Cookies

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  A cookie baker  Mar 1, 2011
Would make this again.
The reason this isn't turning out for you people is because it isn't the true recipe. 5 stars

  Amber in Maryland  Dec 22, 2010
Would make this again.
To those of you who are commenting on your cookies spreading out too much -
more than likely, your butter was too soft when you began mixing the dough.
5 stars

  A cookie baker in California  Dec 15, 2010
Would make this again.
This is a recipe that I didn't have and has been baked for me. I am glad that now I have a copy of the recipe for Christmas Baking.
Please, note, I don't think that it is necessary to flatten the cookie when preparing to bake, as the idea is to keep the Rolo competely covered for the baking process.
5 stars

  A cookie baker in Lockport, New York  Dec 10, 2010
Would make this again.
These cookies are addicting. I did add the cocoa. I refrigerated for the 12 hours (only because of my work schedule). The dough is sticky, annoying but not a big deal. Flour your hands as you roll and keep 1/2 of mixture in fridge until your ready for it. It will roll a little easier if cold. The less dough you used to cover the rolo the more the cookie will remain a ball otherwise they do flatten out, but are still very good. Cookie is more of a soft cookie when done. If you do not like soft cookies, this one probably is not for you. 5 stars

  Cyndi Schrum in Grande Prairie, AB  Dec 3, 2010
Would make this again.
My family has been making these for years. They always turn out great, but our recipe varies a bit. Add 3/4 cup of cocoa to the dry mixture, and follow recipe above. When dough is chilled and rolled into balls, roll ball(with rolo inside) in white sugar. DO NOT FLATTEN. The rolo will melt nicely and the cookie will retain it's shape. 5 stars

  A cookie baker  Jun 11, 2010
Would not make this again.
spread too much 3 stars

  Kari in Ohio  Dec 20, 2009
Would not make this again.
I had the same problem as so many others, dough was sticky...cookies were all spread out and even after 15 mins of baking were still not baked thru and had to be thrown out. To all the people who loved this recipe, please share what you did different! Several people stated they added cocoa, but others seem to have followed this recipe and been successful...HELP! 1 star

  Jennifer in Seattle  Dec 19, 2009
Would make this again.
Cookie is amazing! Hints for making perfect cookies. Add 3/4 C of cocoa. Refridgerate dough for at least 1 hr, adequately cover Rolo candy with dough or candy will cook out of cookie. No need to flatten cookie. If applying nuts and sugar to the top of cookie, roll cookie in nuts 1st then sugar. 5 stars

  Ann Christman in Chicago  Dec 14, 2009
Would not make this again.
I definitely agree. They became bars instead of cookies. Something is missing from the recipe. A good taste but quite disasterous! 2 stars

  Christine in Oshawa, ON Canada  Dec 13, 2009
Would make this again.
Excellent! 5 stars

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