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Reviews of Angel Whispers

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  Vancouver baker  Oct 5, 2007
Would not make this again.
Recipe was easy enough, but cookies spread out so thin while baking that I couldn't get them off the sheet in one piece. I followed directions precisely...broken pieces tasted good..but can't serve those to my guests. 2 stars

  AJ in Orlando, FL  Oct 4, 2007
Would make this again.
These were easy and delicious. It was my first time using a cookie press, so I was looking for something simple. The directions are very clear. I iced them with a lemony glaze and colorful sprinkles. The hardest part is eating them in moderation! 5 stars

  Debbi in Onsted,MI  Dec 12, 2006
Would make this again.
My grandmother used to make these 40 yrs ago! Her recipe is slightly different. We press the chill the dough and flatten the cookies out. She made sandwich cookies and put the frosting in the middle. I recommend Fresh lemon juice for the best flavor. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in P.A.  Nov 21, 2006
Would make this again.
I think these were actualy vrry good!
I decorated them too they tasted awsome I give them a thumbs up!!!
5 stars

  A cookie baker in Saginaw, Michigan  Aug 20, 2006
Would make this again.
These were accually good. I thought they wouldn't be as good as everyone was saying because you know how these days, everyone lies. I would truely recomed you try these especially if you like the smell of a freshly grated lemon for the lemon zest. The recipe says 1 tsp of lemon zest for the cookies, but I thought it didn't sound like enough so I put in about 2 tsp or 2 1/2. It wasn't overpowering lemon flavor at all. So I highly recomend you put in more lemon so you can accually taste it. ~Enjoy~ Thank you for your time. ^-^ 5 stars

  A cookie baker in P.A.  Jun 20, 2006
Would make this again.
these cookies where delishius! At first when I heard they had lemon I didn't think they would tast good but I tried to make them and i had no problme and when they where done i hand some and they where wounderful. Thanks for reading my revew! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in oregon  Nov 29, 2003
Would make this again.
it is the best! 5 stars

  Marc A Drexler in Gaithersburg, MD  May 19, 2003
Would make this again.
I followed this pretty much to the letter. The batter was fine. It ended up being chilled for several hours. I rolled it into roughly inch diameter logs, and cut into 3/16" thick wafers with a knife. The second batch was too soft to cut after rolling, so I popped it into the freezer for about 5 minutes. Even though it seemed a bit flaky before baking, it turned out very buttery, and I wouldn't add anything more. Although the wafers seem delicate, they hold up pretty well. I didn't break a single one while filling them. They end up slightly off round, from compression when being cut, but this is not a problem.

Cooking time for both batches was 10-11 minutes.

The filling was another matter. I did a double batch. The only thing I did differently from the recipe was to add a couple extra teaspoons of lemon zest, and a tablespoon or two of powdered sugar from taking the blender apart. I cooked it in a double boiler for an hour, stirring it constantly. It thickened substantially, but never got thick enough to impede stirring. Since I knew it would thicken up on cooling, I allowed it to cool. Even at room temperature it was a liquid which quickly flowed to level. I ended up thickening it up with 1/2-3/4 cup powdered sugar, which made solid enough to work with. I do not think that the extra sugar is a problem for taste.

I got about 4 dozen filled cookies, and 8 oz. extra filling left from the double batch.

The taste was heavenly. The *only* problem is storage, with the very soft filling.
4 stars

  A cookie baker in Arlington WA  Dec 23, 2002
Would make this again.
These were the best! Nothing weird about them! We read the reviews and thought were would try our hand. Grams, Gramps give 5 stars too!
Megan 10, Mom 39 :)
5 stars

  A cookie baker in Casper, Wyoming  Dec 21, 2002
Would make this again.
I would make this again. I liked the lemony taste. After reading another review on the recipe, I also make it with almond flavoring and added blanched almonds to the frosting. I thought this was a versatile recipe. 4 stars

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