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Reviews of Eggnog Fudge

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  Cory Richert in Windsor, ON - Canada  Nov 26, 2004
Would make this again.
This doesn't really taste very "egg-noggy" to me. The final product tastes like lots o' sugar, with nutmeg. The whole egg/rum flavor is lost with all that sugar. I didn't really like this recipe. The texture was good, but it simply lacked flavor. 2 stars

  A cookie baker in Green Bay  Oct 25, 2004
Would make this again.
I made several fudge recipes last year and this one got rave reviews because it was such a different type of fudge compared to the standard chocolate fudge. I will definitely make this again!!! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Ann Arbor, MI  Oct 11, 2004
Would make this again.
Great recipe! One change: use white bar chocolate instead of chips. Chips contain stabelizers that will not allow them to melt properly. (I used Callebaut brand chocolate...mmm!) Just chop up the chocolate or coarsly grate it. 5 stars

  Evelynn Maloney in TN  Jan 27, 2004
Would make this again.
I loved this receipe. 5 stars

  Edward Girard in Grand Prairie, TX  Jan 10, 2004
Would make this again.
Since last year I have made over 15 batches of this fudge mainly due to requests from numerous people who have tasted it. I highly recommend this recipe and it IS easy to make - and I'm a guy. No other recipes even come close.

The only difficulty in this recipe is that it is based on time and not on temperature which will yield different results based on your stove setting and if you have gas versus electric. Basically, in the final cooking stage, never let the temperature go above 295F.. If you do use gas, lower the setting slightly if using the time method.

With the exception of a few reviewers who gave it a 1 rating, this fudge recipe truly deserves a 5 rating. One reviewer said it was "way too sweet." Maybe that's why it's called "fudge". They also said there was "too much nutmeg." There's a real easy solution to this one. Another reviewer said "the chips refused to melt." Is this really a problem? I've never got them to completely melt either but it never affected the taste or consistency of the fudge.
5 stars

  A cookie baker in Washington  Jan 6, 2004
Would make this again.
I just put one review in that is good. I know you have had some bad reports but I think that thay are not cooking the fudge to a soft ball stage. And let it set overnight, then cut and place on wax paper to dry edges. I made three batches & they turned out great and gave the recipe to friends. If I could rate it higher I would. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Utah  Dec 14, 2003
Would make this again.
I usually have a hard time making perfect fugde fast, this was a great one and tastes good with pistachios too:) 4 stars

  Jo in Louisiana  Dec 11, 2003
Would make this again.
This is a great recipe. I added 1/4 tsp. rum extract at the end the second time I made it turned out even better. everyone wants the recipe. thanks 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Bothell, WA  Nov 27, 2003
Would make this again.
This turned out wonderfully! It is very rich, with a subtle eggnog flavor. Lots of stirring, but it was worth it!! 4 stars

  A cookie baker in Olympia, WA  Nov 24, 2003
Would not make this again.
I just made this recipe last night. I am SURE I followed ALL the directions. I was very disappointed with the results. I am a great fan of fudge however, I found this recipe to be WAY too sweet and I thought it had too much nutmeg. I wanted to make sure to give it a fair try so I shared this with my family (not sharing my thoughts on the outcome) none of the 5 people even finished a slice. This is surely not something I would make or recommend again. One positive thing I will say is it was really easy. 1 star

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