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Reviews of The Original Nanaimo Bar

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  melodys in texas  Dec 1, 2010
Would make this again.
hi canada! this is an awsome treat! I love canada! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Canada  Dec 1, 2010
Would make this again.
Very similar to our family's version except we use walnuts in the bottom layer. Also you can get away with margarine in the bottom layer but the middle is best with butter. 5 stars

  Wanda in Braselton, ga  Nov 28, 2010
Would make this again.
Great... great... great! I couldn't find the custard powder, so I just used Vanilla Pudding instead. Came out great and tasted yummy! A new family favorite! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in west virginia usa  Nov 28, 2010
Would make this again.
i made it for thanksgiving everyone loved it and i'm making it for our church christmas dinner and family christmas eve dinner and i got my birds custard from ebay. 5 stars

  Bernard from Los Banos, California in A French Canadian living in California  Nov 22, 2010
Would make this again.

Re: A Nanaimo Bar Vignette

I'm a Frenchman from La Belle Province (Quebec) and I have been making Nanaimo Bars since I was 18 years old (year: 1974). I moved to California in 2005 and for the life of me I could not find any "Bird's Custard Powder" anywhere. I tried the Jello custard substitute but it just doesn't measure up.

Last year (in 2009), I flew out to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to spend Christmas with my sisters. Prior to going, my older sister called to ask me what I would like to have for Christmas. At my age, I don't need too many things. I did mention to her, OVER THE PHONE (some foreshadowing here!!)that I wanted some Bird's Custard.

I find myself in Edmonton, Alberta on Christmas Day 2009 and as we're exchanging gifts, my older sister is all apologetic and she goes on and on telling me how she scoured every possible supermarkets and every department stores in Edmonton frantically looking for Bird's MUSTARD and couln't find any.

I guess it turned out that as we were talking over the phone, she mistook the words "BIRD'S CUSTARD" and thought I had said, "BIRD'S MUSTARD". No wonder she couln't find any .....

I currently have (in 2010) enough Bird's Custard Powder in my house (which I brought from Canada) to last me for this entire century.

I just felt it was appropriate to share this Nanaimo Bar story with all of you.

Bien vous,

----- Bernard -----
5 stars

  A cookie baker in California  Nov 13, 2010
Would make this again.
I have been making this recipe for over 50 years and it is always a hit. I am a Canadian and every time we go back to Canada I pick up a few tins of Bird's custard powder and get some for my friends. For the third layer I have been using my recipe for chocolate ganache and after the bottom two layers have cooled I use it. Goes over just as well and is much easier. Caught onto this a few years ago. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Canada  Nov 1, 2010
Would make this again.
If you can't find custard powder, instant vanilla pudding powder (we us Jello brand) is a passable substitute. 5 stars

  Amanda in Alberta Canada  Oct 16, 2010
Would make this again.
I love theese i have them every year!! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in usa  Oct 7, 2010
Would make this again.
I absolutely LOVE these. I found the Bird's Custard in Kansas City (of all places!). I made a mistake when making these, but it is a mistake I will make again and again. Made the first layer as indicated. Second layer,I didnt read carefully and I melted the butter and added the rest of the ingredients. Loved the results. Will do it again.

The rest of the cookies I made as written. These are absolutely delicious and I will make them ever Christmas! Do try them.
5 stars

  Kristan in USA  Feb 5, 2010
Would make this again.
I made these last Christmas for the first time for my daughter's boyfriend, who is from Canada. He loved them! And I loved them too. The only thing is I would half again the chocolate that goes on top and if anyone has an easier way to spread the chocolate without it mixing into the custard, please post it. I was able to do it but it was very slow going.... 5 stars

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