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Espresso Heart Cookies

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Our Espresso Heart Cookies are melt-in-your-mouth espresso-flavored sandy-type cookies dusted with powdered sugar.

Festive Florentines (naturally gluten-free!)

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In Europe many Christmas cookies are nut-based, held together with either beaten egg whites or some form of caramel. Florentines are one of the most popular, a caramel-base cookie rich with almonds. They’re sold and enjoyed year-round, but are especially prized during the holidays.  They are naturally gluten-free, too!

Gingerbread Oreo White Chocolate Cups

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This recipe capitalizes on the ease and popularity of the famous Oreo Truffle, with a holiday twist using the yummy gingerbread Oreos that have been available during the holidays for the past few years.  I enjoy making homemade peanut-butter cups and I find that these are a bit easier to make than the truffles.