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Reviews of Knock You Naked Brownies

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  A cookie baker  Dec 11, 2010
Would make this again.
Do you have to use nuts?

5 stars

  Joey Oz in Mt. Everest  Dec 5, 2010
Would make this again.
I think these make a great snack for kids parties my friends daughter had them for a christmas party at her house and she loved them they did not last long though! If you ever get the chance try them they are a bite of heaven!!! 5 stars

  A cookie baker  Dec 1, 2010
Would make this again.
What kind of nuts are used?

RESPONSE: your favorite kind. :o) Whatever you want!
5 stars

  Angi in IL  Nov 23, 2010
Would make this again.
I have made this time and time again. It's always a favorite and always requested for me to make. One thing I do to get the batter spread evenly is I get a piece of wax paper, and roll it out with a rolling pin and then transfer it into the dish, makes it much easier to cover the bottom. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Frederick, MD  Nov 22, 2010
Would make this again.
Have made these for years. Always a big seller at church bazaars. I always make them in a 13x9 pan, unwrap the caramels beforehand while watching T.V., press the second layer of batter in my hands in sections, and lay it on the caramel-chocolate layer. They also freeze well. It's so worth it!! 5 stars

  Deb in Florida  Sep 16, 2010
Would make this again.
I will never make any other brownies but these and I've made many in the past. My family flips out when I make them and they don't last long!! 5 stars

  Your Mother in Candy Mountain  Mar 21, 2010
Would make this again.
I love these. My older brother makes them all the time and they are addicting. x) 5 stars

  Lee in Manitoba  Jan 27, 2010
Would make this again.
i used a 'rich chocolate' mix rather than german chocolate but otherwise followed the recipe as written (and baked for full 28 mins). i also made sure to chill it until it was solid before putting on the 2nd half of the brownie. i learned one thing tho: when cooling before cutting, do NOT chill it! the carmel becomes like rock! i had to let mine warm up before i could cut it!
to cookie baker in arnprior: yes, it is a VERY thin layer! but it rises a bit with baking, and with all the layers together makes a 'normal' thickness brownie. it's just a bit tricky, that's all
4 stars

  pat in colorado  Jan 6, 2010
Would make this again.
I will definitely make these brownies again. Must be very patient pressing the batter, but worth every tasty bite.My entire family thought they were great! 5 stars

  Ellery in Phoenix, AZ  Dec 22, 2009
Would make this again.
I've made this recipe MANY times. After the first frustrating attempt at making them in the prescribed 13x9x2 pan, I switched to using an 9x9 pan. As one commenter said, it's very hard to spread half of the small amount of batter in the bottom of the pan, let alone cover the pan with the remaining half for the top. For a 9x9 pan, I use one of the small packages of Werther's individually wrapped caramels - these are my favorite caramel, and the small package, about 5.5oz I think, provides just the right amount of caramel for this recipe, in my opinion. By the way, my recipe, which is identical in ingredients, did not say to refrigerate the bottom half before adding the top batter. I can't wait to try that! I'm sure it will result in the chocolate chips remaining somewhat firm. Mmm. And, the suggestion to try it with white chocolate chips in the middle sounds like a great variation to me! Oh, and here's a trick I use for getting the bottom batter spread quickly and evenly in the pan - since I use a 9x9 pan to bake the brownies in, I then use an 8x8 pan to press the batter into place. Not too firmly, just enough to get it the way you want it.
5 stars

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