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Reviews of Velveeta Peanut Butter Fudge

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  A cookie baker in Portugal  Dec 23, 2004
Would make this again.
This fudge is so good, I was a bit concerned about how it would taste since it has cheese in it... but you can't taste the cheese at all.
It took a while to microwave.. I microwaved it on power 7 just to be sure nothing burnt and it would cook fine. Just keep stopping the microwave every couple of minutes to check and stir... once the cheese is melted I basically squeezed the dough in one hand for a while to find any pieces of sugar that didn't mix and broke them apart and kneeded them back in.
You can also let the fudge sit in the fridgerator for a little to set and then melt some chocolate icing and pour over top, then put back in the fridge for the icing to set. I store it in the fridge because it has cheese in it.
5 stars

  A cookie baker in arkansas  Dec 12, 2004
Would not make this again.
this is not liked.I whould never ever make it agian. 1 star

  Alana Turchiarelli in Clarence Center, NY  Nov 21, 2004
Would make this again.
This is such a great recipe. Easy and delicious! Even my husband LOVES this fudge, and he's not a big candy eater! I make 3 batches and wrap it in tins and give it to the whole family! Makes a terrific gift too! 5 stars

  Tracey in Memphis, TN  Nov 18, 2004
Would make this again.
I loved this recipe! It was so easy and came out great. The only challenging part was kneading the fudge, because it was very hot and sticky. I just kept stirring it instead, and it came out fine. No one could believe that Velveeta was the secret ingredient! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in virginia  Dec 30, 2003
Would make this again.
It was very good, and fun to let people try and guess the "secret ingredient" was cheese! Next time, I would only melt the Velveeta and the butter in the microwave first, then add the sugar. Putting the sugar in the the microwave with the butter and Velveeta "cooked" the sugar and made a few lumps. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Arcola, IL  Dec 22, 2003
Would make this again.
I made this recipe several years ago, and was happy to find it again. All my family loved it -- no one could believe it had Velveeta in it! It's the best and easiest p.b. fudge recipe I've found. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Neenah, WI  Dec 16, 2003
Would make this again.
Was great. Could not believe it had Velveeta in it! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Wisconsin  Dec 7, 2003
Would make this again.
My dad makes this fudge every year. He
makes chocolate though, not peanut butter. It is very rich.
5 stars

  R. Potts in Fredericksburg, Va  Jan 19, 2003
Would make this again.
Helped a friend make this fudge over the holidays, easiest and best. Now I make it and give it to other friends. 5 stars

  RT in Clevland OHIO  Dec 21, 2002
Would make this again.
Very Good 5 stars

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