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Reviews of Powdered Sugar Icing I

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  A cookie baker in Durham, NC  Dec 24, 2004
Would make this again.
I just used this recipe tonight, though I had to make a half batch since I didn't have enough powdered sugar. It turned out awesome. Almost all the other recipes called for dehydrated milk, which I didn't have, so this was great. Thanks a bunch. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Canada  Dec 20, 2004
Would make this again.
it was very good-and enjoyed very much THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD RECIPE 5 stars

  A cookie baker in buffalo NY  Dec 18, 2004
Would make this again.
I used this to frost Christmas cookies, and LOVED it! It was the perfect consistency, and it hardened so I can stack all the cookies I make! The taste is excellent as well. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in USA  Dec 3, 2004
Would not make this again.
This was not a good recipe. It turned out tasting like pure vanilla which I personally think smells awful and doesn't taste very good either. However I may have made it wrong because I didn't use corn syrup. I might try again if I am brave! 1 star

  Brooke in Portugal  Nov 21, 2004
Would make this again.
Just what I was looking for!! I used this to ice the "Sugar Cookie" recipe I got off of this site and they worked well together. The cookie recipe is a fluffy type of general cookie and this icing adds a nice hint of sweetness to them.

After I made the icing I divided it up into 4 plastic cups and added some food coloring so I had a variety of colors. You can ice the cookies, let it dry, then add a different color for neat designs. Ex: I made a Christmas Tree and iced it green, let it dry, then added little dots of all colors for ornaments. OR, my 2 year old, accidentally, came up with some great designs. She got into the icing after I had already the iced the cookies and with her playing with the icing she drizzled colors all over the cookies.
This recipe lets lets you ice about 20 cookies, so if you want to be more generous with your cookies or need more be prepared to make more. (Not hard to make, so not a problem.)

I made mine ahead of time and it sat on the counter for an hour and it was still fine to just restir it up and I put it on slightly warm cookies so they would ice better.
5 stars

  A cookie baker in Canada  Jun 30, 2004
Would not make this again.
This recipe was quick but it did not have a every good taste! 2 stars

  A cookie baker in Oakland CA  Dec 1, 2003
Would make this again.
Great basic icing recipe. I like the way it hardens when it dries. Goes wonderfully with butterscotch gingerman cookie recipe from this site too. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Prineville,Oregon  Apr 2, 2003
Would make this again.
I came to your site looking for a kids friendly sugar cookie and glaze recipe and I found them both with in 5 minutes. This recipe is a great one for you and your child to do together. My daughter is 5 and loves to cook with me. She also LOVES the frosting and so does my husband who is a cookie nut. We will most defintely be making this again. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Santa Rosa, CA  Jan 5, 2003
Would make this again.
This is easy and it came out great with food coloring. You can paint it on or draw on designs. I painted the trees green and used a tube to add red ornaments. I made the stockings red and painted green onto the toes and heels. I also made holly leaves. The icing looks kind of sugary when it dries, you should try not to layer the colors because it is a tad translucent... but it's still very easy to work with. I will use this one next time I paint sugar cookies. 5 stars

  Barb W in Nebraska  Dec 27, 2002
Would make this again.
This was really good, the idea of using corn syrup was different, but I think it made it better. I usually have a hard time making powdered sugar icing, but this was easy. 4 stars

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