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Reviews of The Original Nanaimo Bar

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  Dilys Poole in London England  Sep 27, 2007
Would make this again.
I have been making these delicious bars since 1956,the receipe appeared in the 1957 Women's Institute cookbook and had obviously been invented before that, does anyone know when, and by whom? You can fiddle around with the receipe and use more interesting cookies than Graham wafers, also other nuts..bon apetite... 5 stars

  mike houlihan in kirkland wa  May 21, 2007
Would make this again.
My Mum (89) used to make these at Christmas every year. She still lives in Nanaimo. I made them for a group of friends several months ago and got raves all round and ( could i get the recipe) 5 stars

  Lorraine in Kuwait  Dec 13, 2006
Would make this again.
I am a Canadian ex-pat living/working in Kuwait. A homemade batch of Nanaimo Bars is the only Christmas present my sister wants! And yes, Byrds Custard and Frys Coco are MUSTS for this recipe to be the best! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Kirkland,Wa.  Dec 12, 2006
Would make this again.
I'm Canadian and agree that Bird's Custard powder is a must.Also the Frye's cocoa. Since I have lived down here I have tried using other custard powder and the flavour is not the same. I always give the recipe and a container of Bird's together. I have had people insist on the recipe immediately upon tasting them. Big, big way to a man's heart too!!! Easy to make and doubly the recipe is not difficult. 5 stars

  Erin Stivers in Oregon  May 15, 2006
Would make this again.
at my work (Fred Meyer) i have tried the nanaimo bars. they are decadent and addictive. everybody that has tried mine,wants to know all about them and has become addicted to them.
they are not as well known as they should be. we cannot get enough.
5 stars

  A cookie baker in Canada  Nov 17, 2005
Would make this again.
Birds Eye Custard is a must with Frys cocoa for this original 1950's Nanaimo Bars. Quality products result is the difference. Mum served these for Princess Margaret's visit to Nanaimo in 1957. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Nanaimo (yes really)  Jul 7, 2005
Would make this again.
You didn't mention Bird's Custard Powder. When I was growing up it was just a must have for Nanaimo bars. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Finland, Espoo  Feb 20, 2005
Would make this again.
These bars are the thing I miss possibly most about Canada. Luckily I found this recipe - it takes me back to my second homeland (I'm married to a Canadian) almost better than an airplane.

I CAN NOT understand why they are not more widely known!!! Couldn't get any even at Toronto International - no one there knew what I was talking about :-o
5 stars

  Birdie Etchison in Ocean Park WA  Jul 4, 2004
Would make this again.
These are so good; festive and definitely for company. Also easy to make. My granddaughter helped me put them together. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in San Jose  Dec 15, 2002
Would make this again.
Easy enough to make but not very good for the "plate of goodies" gift, as they are not stable at room temperature. They are kind of like frosted fudge with chocolate topping. I swapped out one semi sweet square with and unsweetened one to make the topping darker, it worked nicely. 5 stars

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