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Reviews of Cornflake Wreath Cookies

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  A cookie baker in Michigan  Dec 20, 2008
Would make this again.
They are so gooood!!!!!!!! I love making them. So did my 5 year old. The only thing was hard was stopping him form eatting all the candy. LOL
But to tell you the amount it makes is about 16 of the "CHEATER" way. I made them that way so he could just put the candy on them. I used a tablespoon to drop them on the paper. That is just a guess as to how many they make, but I that is what I got.
5 stars

  Erin in Ohio  Dec 16, 2008
Would not make this again.
Maybe I am culinary challenged, but I had a hard time shaping these into wreaths. I ended up putting two red hots on each glob and I will call them "grinch cookies". I doubled the recipe and got 27 glob/wreaths. I probably didn't need to quite double the butter. 2 stars

  Alecia in St. Louis  Dec 16, 2008
Would make this again.
My grandma makes these every year, and they're awesome. One of her "secrets" is that she uses a 1/4 measuring cup to measure the mixture and put it on the wax paper. Then she simply works a small hole into the center to make the shape. It's much easier than trying to form one out of a big clump! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Plainfield, IL  Dec 15, 2008
Would make this again.
These were simple for me and my 5 and 7 year old to make and VERY yummy! 5 stars

  Maxine in Florida  Dec 13, 2008
Would make this again.
Grew up in WI my mom always made these, I love them. Haven't had these in over 20 years, and I have already eaten 3 today, had to mail away for the silver dragees, and I don't care I eat them anyway. Great cookies. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Dyer, In  Dec 12, 2008
Would make this again.
The kids LOVE these!!!
"Cheaters" version - just drop by spoonfuls on buttered sheet and place red candies in center (more like a holly) no shaping involved and of course they taste the same!!!!!
5 stars

  Cathy in Michigan/Virginia Beach  Dec 1, 2008
Would make this again.
My mom always made these when I was a little kid! they are great and easy! 40 years later, they are still great! 5 stars

  Valerie in Dallas  Nov 28, 2008
Would make this again.
After you shape them, set them in powdered sugar so that it can coat the bottom. Awesome! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in AZ  Oct 26, 2008
Would make this again.
I have made this recipe for years, but due to the time involved with making these...I have reverted to making 1 large wreath then decorate the wreath with a big red ribbon, red hots and so on...I then put other cookies inside the wreath for gift giving...turns out awesome 5 stars

  rob in michigan  Jan 29, 2008
Would make this again.
that is some goood stuf i got to say 5 stars

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