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Reviews of Cathedral Windows

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  A cookie baker  Dec 11, 2007
Would make this again.
This was my Dads favorite, so we make it every year and remember him as we eat it. I make mine in mini loaf pans and then slice it. I think that makes it less messy 5 stars

  fern in rhode island  Dec 2, 2007
Would make this again.
Aunt made this recipe years ago. I tried it-----lots of positive comments at church bazaar!!!!! Sweet, but a nice treat to pass around at a party!!!! I used powdered confectioners sugar instead of coconut. 5 stars

  Courtney in Meriden, CT  Nov 21, 2007
Would make this again.
I love these.
My Aunt Dodie used to make these all the time for the holidays they remind me so much of her..
I would definatly make these again..
5 stars

  Kat in Benton City Wa  Nov 20, 2007
Would make this again.
My mom used to make these when we were kids and we all loved them. When we lost Mom we also lost many of her recipes.
This is identical to hers with the exception that she always rolled her logs in finely crushed Graham Cracker crumbs instead of powdered sugar or coconut.
I am so glad I found this recipe again.
Everyone will be pleased to see them at Christmas.
5 stars

  Margaret in Loveland, Ohio  Jan 10, 2007
Would make this again.
I read and pondered upon all of the comments about this recipe before deciding to make it. I must say, the comments intrigued me more than the recipe. I was amazed to read about the tradition this cookie was with so many people as I had never heard of it. The result...I can't say enough about this recipe! Yes, it is messy. But it is EASY overall and what a beautiful presentation and taste. I made numerous batches experimenting with coconut 'vs' powdered sugar 'vs' molding in tin cans as well as increasing the chocolate/nuts mixture, etc. Best to follow the directions. The only exception is that, even though I am a coconut lover, the powdered sugar is far superior in taste and presentation...and oddly enough, not as messy. In my opinion, the coconut overpowers the taste of the minor nut and chocolate ingredients. It will DEFINITELY become a tradition with my family. What an AWESOME recipe. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Minneapolis, MN  Dec 7, 2006
Would not make this again.
This was easy and I thought it would be a sure hit, unfortunatly, it was a big flop. If I were to make this again (which I will not) I'd decrease the amount of marshmallows by a quarter or third, perhaps swap the nuts for raisins to give it a moister taste, and try using either a real high quality semi sweet chip or a milk chocolote chip. 3 stars

  laura  Dec 6, 2006
Would make this again.
This recipe is easy and tastes wonderful. They are very eye-catching and don't last long. 5 stars

  Ellen in Winnipeg  Dec 3, 2006
Would make this again.
My mum used to make these when I was a little girl. We called them marshmallow logs. I am taking them to our cookie exchange this week. My husband stands by to eat the "ends" that are a little misshapen. They are so yummy! 5 stars

  tammy in Ohio  Nov 29, 2006
Would make this again.
When I first made them before I saw the finished product, I thought OH NO. But they are beautiful and taste great, a big hit with everyone 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Longview, WA  Nov 19, 2006
Would make this again.
My husbands mother makes these. I had never heard of them before. This recipe tastes exactly like hers! They are wonderfully tasting candies!!1 5 stars

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