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Reviews of Galettes

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  Mary  Dec 21, 2009
Would make this again.
My family from Belgium settled in WV and there were 3 covetted irons in the family. I used one of them for years but the last few years I have been using a regular waffle iron. Don't tell but they come out just as well. 5 stars

  Denise in Fairmont, WV  Dec 20, 2009
Would make this again.
I love these cookies. They are my favorite to make. I make them in a waffle iron so I can make 4-6 at a time. They do take time to make but are well worth it! 5 stars

  Jean in Florida  Mar 10, 2009
Would make this again.
My girlfriend made waffle cookies that were sandwiched with a layer of to-die-for butter cream in the middle. Does anybody have that recipe, or know what I am talking about? 5 stars

  Johan D.  Feb 23, 2009
Would make this again.
Galettes is a "Walloon"-Belgium recipes
and not French as Brenda in West Virginia as stetted...YES, they are delicious.
5 stars

  Brenda in West Virginia  Nov 26, 2008
Would make this again.
Galettes are actually French in origin. My aunt, whose family was from Belgium, introducted them to my mom who now makes them every Christmas on the gas stove with a handmade galette iron and my aunt's recipe. They are fabulous. 5 stars

  Ginny in Ohio  Jul 16, 2008
Would make this again.
My Granmother and Grandfather are from Belgium France and she used to make these all the time. After they both died I lost track of who inherited the iron.I would love to have another one, if you are interested in selling the iron I would be most interested in buying is [email protected] 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Spanaway WA  Jun 8, 2008
Would make this again.
I have had a Galette Iron in the kitchen for 28 years and never bothered to look for a recipe on-line. My wife's family introduced Galettes to me as a teen back in WV. I remember they spent nearly a day making them at Christmas, part of the ritual of the Christmas Season. I'll be making the this year! 5 stars

  carrie in Illinois  Dec 10, 2007
Would make this again.
as an aside on this recipe - we made these on a gas stove and altho labor intensive, worth every moment

if you make them the right size - Pringles cans make great storage containers and if you decorate them, gift packages.

as of this posting there is a great iron for sale on ebay (not mine I swear) under pizelle cooker
5 stars

  A cookie baker in wv  Dec 13, 2006
Would make this again.
i am glad someone makes this receipe known ,because a friend of mine made them and i love them ,but; my friend moved away and i didn't know how to make them . now i do! 5 stars

  A half-Italian in WV  Sep 5, 2006
Would make this again.
This is the first site I have seen that gives the recipe for the Italian cookies. This is my favorite Christmas cookie of all time and I am glad to see that others know it and love it. My mom makes 5 dozen on her homemade galette iron that heats on the gas stove burner and makes 2 (yes 2) at a time. But even she thinks it is worth the 3 hours! 5 stars

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