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Reviews of White Christmas

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  Kathy in Australia  Dec 11, 2002
Would make this again.
LOVE White Christmas so thanks for the recipe 5 stars

  A cookie baker in west of woop woop  Dec 7, 2002
Would make this again.
these are to die for 5 stars

  Dana in NJ  Dec 3, 2002
Would make this again.
I love it, sweet delicious, you gotta try this wonderful looking and tasting no bake extraordinary cookie! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in New Zealand  Dec 2, 2002
Would make this again.
Really really sweet - Great to take for Work Shouts 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Alberta, Canada  Dec 1, 2002
Would make this again.
I made this for my husband's Christmas party, and people kept coming up to me and asking for the recipie! It was that much of a success! 5 stars

  Kelly in Queensland  Nov 28, 2002
Would make this again.
I love it!! 5 stars

  Carolyn in Australia  Nov 24, 2002
Would make this again.
Oh that recipe that Tiffany gave is absolutely fabulous! What a genius...the best rice thing a ma jigs I've ever tasted! 5 stars

  Tiffany in Australia  Nov 22, 2002
Would make this again.
No you've got the recipe all wrong, in Australia we use Rice bubbles (puffed rice)

1 1/2 cups puffed rice cerial
1 cup milk powder
1 cup icing sugar
1 cup desiccated coconut
1/3 cup chopped glace` cherries (candied cherries)
1/3 cup sultanas
250g (8 oz) white vegetable shortening (copha)

1)line a shallow 28x18cm (11x7 inch) tin with foil. Put the puffed rice, milk powder, icing sugar, coconut, cherries and sultanas in a large bowl and stir. Make a well in the centre.
2)Melt the shortening over low heat, cool slightly, then add to the well in the puffed rice mixture. Stir with a wooden spoonuntill all ingredients are moistened.
3)Spoon into the tin and smooth down the surface. Refridgerate for 30 mins, or until completely set. Remove from the tin and discard foil. Cut into small triangles.

Its not meant to be like a cookie its more like a crumbly chocolate consistancy and its very sweet so you can only realy eat a small amount at a time. It realy is yummy if you get the recipe right ;)

  A cookie baker in Canada  Nov 21, 2002
Would not make this again.
I found a much better recipe for this, it is more authentically Australian in that it uses copha instead of shortening, but the drawback is that copha can usually only be found in Australia. (Copha is a vegetable shortening made out of coconut oil). To buy copha, go to

White Christmas

3 cups Rice Krispies
1 cup mixed fruit
1 cup dessicated coconut
1 cup dry powdered milk
3/4 cup of sifted icing sugar
225 grams copha
drop of vanilla essence

1.Put 3 cups of Rice Krispies, 1 cup of mixed fruit, essence, dessicated coconut, dry powdered milk and 3/4 cup sifted icing sugar in a bowl.
2. Melt 225 grams copha in saucepan. Add copha to dry ingredients in bowl and mix well.
3. Press mixture firmly into a biscuit tray. Set in a refrigerator. Cut into squares.
2 stars

   Nov 21, 2002
Would not make this again.
Tasted awful and were too crumbly. 1 star

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