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Reviews of Frogs

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  Cindy Ziarnik in Massachusetts  Nov 19, 2006
Would make this again.
I remember this recipe when i was a child,we called them chocolate drop refridge cookies.This recipe is what we use to use.HOW WONDERFUL to find it again. ;-) 5 stars

  Beckie in Greensburg, Pennsylvania  Oct 20, 2006
Would make this again.
My husband and son love these cookies! I usually reduce the sugar by a 1/2 cup; we like things a little less sweet. I don't want to admit it, but sometimes the dough doesn't make it to the cookie sheet and we eat it by the spoonful instead! 5 stars

  nisk in edmonton  Aug 3, 2006
Would make this again.
Amazingly easy and yummy cookies!! My mom made them a lot when i was a kid.. we called them "mountain mooseberries" as we grew up in the BC mountains, and these resemble the little 'presents' left behind by the wildlife wandering through our property!
Third generation still lovin these treats!!
5 stars

  Anny in Toronto  Nov 29, 2005
Would make this again.
I've been making these for about 35 years and they're great! Note to Cookie Baker in British Columbia. The reason the 'frogs' became crumbly was that you cooked the mixture on too high of heat or you cooked it too long. The sugar overcooked and crystalized, therefore making it crumbly. Try melting the milk and butter first and then adding the sugar and cocoa and cooking it on low for 2 minutes. 5 stars

  Pamela in Vancouver BC. Canada  Nov 21, 2005
Would make this again.
My mom has been making frog cookies for me ever since I was small. My friends use to make fun at the fact that we called them frog cookies but now I know others call them that as well. These are the best cookies! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in British Columbia  Nov 15, 2005
Would make this again.
Last summer a couple friends and I made these Frogs and had a lot of fun in the process. We managed to find all the ingredients and equipment, then went straight to work. I'm not sure if it was the recipe or us, but the cookies sort of fell apart. We still ate them however, and they may have been completely in crumb form, but they tasted great. If I could fix anything about this recipe I would make it so it wouldn't crumble so bad. Try them! ****/***** 4 stars

  faye farrance in port credit ontario canada  Nov 12, 2005
Would make this again.
well , all my family call these Cocoa Quickies,and they were always a favorite of my mothers, and one of the first cookies that my sisters and I made as little girls.Put a red or green cherrie on top at Christmas!They are alwayas a real yummy treat any time of year. 5 stars

  Heather Pilling in Maine  May 26, 2005
Would make this again.
I love them. 5 stars

  Marie Fischer in Middletown,IN  Apr 8, 2005
Would make this again.
I just made these for the 1st time. Now that i i made them i will be making them all the time. My kids love them and also love helping. They are going to be great for parties and bale sales!!!! 5 stars

  a cookie lover like the rest of us in Kentucky  Feb 20, 2005
Would make this again.
Where i am from we call these cookies "No Bakes" i know...not the most unique name. but my kids absolutly adore these cookies, as well as I. My family was introduced to these cookies by our german neighbors. They would make them for all the block parties and Sport ocassions. I dont think my family could live without these cookies...mmmm. 5 stars

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