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Reviews of Fattigmann

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  Joan in Florida  Mar 16, 2009
Would make this again.
This receipe was handed down from my grandmother who was born in Norway. We were told that it was a Norwegian cookie. My cousin looked at your website and found out that it did not appear as a Norwegian cookie, but a Swedish one. Well, the Swedes can feel proud of this one! I learned to make these delicious cookies as a little girl and continue the tradition now with my granddaughters. Everyone loves them. I think I might have to make these during the year to please everyone. When the cookies are put out at Christmastime, they disappear in no time. (When my sons were little, I used to lock them up after I made them so we had some left for Christmas.) 5 stars

  A cookie baker in New York City  Mar 25, 2008
Would make this again.
I discovered this recipe almost 20 years ago. I've made them only at Easter time ever since, (no real reason except that the family requests them at that time). They are really very good and not too sweet. If I tripled the recipe would I mess it up? 5 stars

  A cookie baker  Dec 31, 2007
Would make this again.
I wish I had helped my mother make these. More step by step directions would be helpful. Mom's little lessons learned. Dough should be stiff enoughg to roll out very thin. Place in refrigerator for a couple of hours or overnight. Remove small amounts of dough at a time and roll dough very thin (1/6"). To test oil for readiness, check thermometer (about 365-375F) and slip in a piece of dough to see if oil is hot enough. Dough will float to top and brown lightly in about 1/2 min. per side. Do not over cook or cookies will taste dry. When slipping prepared cookie into the hot oil, hold the corner you slipped through the slit. Fry about 1/2 minute per side on cookie.
You can sprinkle with granulated or powdered sugar if you desire. Learning more at 64. Also, my Aunt used orange zest and juice rather brandy.
5 stars

  Andrew in Canada  Dec 17, 2007
Would make this again.
Well this is a recipe kinda like the one passed down from generations in my great grandmother passed it down to my grandma, and i caught my aunt and gram making it in the kitchen and i took off with the freshest batch.. and had it gone in no time.. these cookies are sure to not last long especially around anyone who likes a sweet tasting cooking DELICIOUS 5 stars

  Janet Baker in Nevada  May 22, 2007
Would make this again.
My children ate these up so fast each holiday season, I hardly got any. A great companion to your angel food cake recipe! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Iowa  Dec 10, 2006
Would make this again.
I have eaten these since childhood and I LOVE them. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Illinois  Oct 29, 2005
Would make this again.
A wonderful recipe to make a wonderful Norwegian cookie. Would reccomend highly they are a hit with my children and adults alike. Not too sweet, just right. 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Canada  Dec 11, 2003
Would make this again.
You can buy cutter to make these easier to make, such as:
5 stars

  A cookie baker in Germany  Dec 16, 2002
Would make this again.
This is a great cookie and a big hit with the younger crowd!!! I would definatley make this again!!!!!!! 5 stars

  A cookie baker in Canada  Dec 12, 2002
Would make this again.
I beg to differ with the previous poster. I have a Fatiggman recipe handed down from my Swedish great-grandmother. Either way, they are great. I made this recipe when I lost my grandmother's last year (I later found it!), and it's wonderful. 5 stars

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