Christmas Cookies Are for Blogging

Orange Pound Cake

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These small pound cakes, cooked in disposable cardboard molds, make a perfect gift. Easy to make, easy to give, and above all, they taste wonderful. The rich buttery taste is accompanied by fresh and crisp notes of orange.

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Zimtsterne: Cinnamon Stars

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In Germany, Christmas cookies are one of the season’s most enduring traditions. No visit to friends or family is complete until a small tray of delicate, eye-catching cookies has been passed around and enjoyed. Dedicated bakers make dozens of different kinds of cookies, some for eating right away and some that will keep for weeks.

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Crystallized Ginger Crackle Cookies

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I love the look of a crackled cookie, and I love the taste of crystallized ginger. I got both with this recipe. Family and friends were impressed. The ginger taste is strong and stays with you after you’ve finished the cookie, but it is not overpowering. A nice balance.

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